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Cluj Lawyers - Darie & Manea Law Firm Cluj

Updated on Thursday 24th July 2014

Darie & Manea Law Firm is able to provide legal help through its Cluj lawyers team in various areas of expertise and focusing on our clients’ best interests. We guarantee professional legal help in a large variety of juridical matters and our attorneys are committed to identifying most significant alternatives appropriate for each specific circumstance.

Law Office Cluj - Company Formation 

Being closely familiar with all aspects related to the company incorporation procedures our experts provide legal aid for Romanian or foreigners interested in establishing their business in our country. Our Cluj lawyers shall indicate possible options that each of our clients has when deciding to either open a joint-stock or a limited liability company. Through the law firm Cluj we support as well entities willing to establish a representative or branch office. Our attorneys Cluj shall answer to any request related to the commercial law field explaining particularities describing any individual issue.

Debt Collection

One of our main legal priorities regards the debt collection area since financial issues also occur in a very dynamic and rapidly evolving political and economic climate. Lawyers are very close to legal aspects more or less typical for these procedures. Our team approaches every case in a very cautious manner taking into consideration specific details describing each circumstance. We also maintain an active communication bridge for keeping up to date our clients and also for allowing ourselves a closer perception on possible secondary features which might prove crucial for our work.

Real Estate Lawyers

Our Cluj lawyers team conducts complex due diligence audits, provides legal assistance for individuals or entities interested to acquire real properties and comes with effective juridical responses for any question related to this domain. We are also able to provide a large portfolio of realties already verified by our team and labeled as secure investments reliable for business use or for personal interest.

Criminal Law – Cluj Lawyers

Through our law firm Cluj we intend to make available our professional services in different areas of criminal law. Our attorneys Cluj background delivers the trustworthiness so valuable in such instances. The legal assistance that we provide cover matters in the white collar crime, larceny area, traffic accidents, miscarriages of justice and immigration deals.

Litigation Lawyers

Our law office Cluj comes to guarantee through its expert team legal assistance in a wide range of litigation matters. Each case is understood within a complex context and also treated individually, all solutions are adapted to our clients’ main interests and juridical circumstances transparently translate into effective and solid solutions. We apply principles of law to more or less common instances committing through our approaches to highest levels of professionalism.

Law Firm Cluj - Investments

Darie & Manea Law Firm engages in delivering legal advice for all business individuals or authorities explicitly stating all aspects concerning incentives programs, at national and European level. Our law firm Cluj comes to explain effectively each step in the investment advancement connecting each phase to legal realities in our country. The expert team in our law office also provides necessary details regarding the most appropriate fields for safe investments and also the most attractive areas for business development.

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