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Iasi Lawyers - Darie & Manea Law Firm Iasi

Updated on Thursday 24th July 2014

Our law office Iasi comes to deliver highly professional legal services related to a wide variety of domains such as commercial, criminal law, real estate, taxes, energy law and more. The team of attorneys which works for us is closely familiar with political and economic aspects depicting the Romanian reality. We are concerned with the most important legal issues always trying to identify competent solutions serving our clients’ best interests.

Law Office Iasi - Company Formation

We offer a large range of facilities related to the company creation procedures. The Iasi lawyers team delivers solutions for all our clients intending to establish a company in Romania or simply trying to open a representative office serving as a secondary bureau for their main business. Our experts also emphasize possible alternatives that may play a key role in reaching financial balance. Our services also cover the procurement of a large variety of licenses necessary to carry out different activities in Romania.

Debt Collection

The debt collection area can be considered as an essential part in our activity and the Iasi lawyers in our firm manage to professionally handle each case. We successfully succeed in identifying key aspects depicting each circumstance. Our team finds best possible legal answers for each case and also combines creative approaches with solid juridical background in order to guarantee solutions that fully cover our clients’ priorities.

Real Estate

Our team is closely monitoring the real estate market in Romania being able to provide professional and highly-skilled assistance in legal matters regarding this domain. Through the law firm Iasi we intend to deliver a full set of services covering complex due diligence audits and other types of verification procedures understood as juridical mandatory approaches proving resources to guarantee the complete safety of a possible investment.

Criminal Law – Iasi Lawyers

The expert attorneys Iasi in our criminal law department exercise fundamental principles of juridical importance in order to identify competent strategies guaranteeing the safest resolution approach. Our team manages to properly develop case argumentations in white-collar department, larceny crime, land fraud and immigration issues being able as well to cover other challenging demands.


The experts in our law firm Iasi may provide legal assistance in an impressively various range of litigation matters. Being trained and as well effectively experienced in a large assortment of cases, the attorneys Iasi at Darie & Manea carefully consider each instance and search the best possible answer able to protect our clients’ interests and our solid legal principles. We are always trying to identify an optimal balance between the benevolent approach and the strictly professional one thus advocating for top legal services offered to individuals whose integrity is factually protected by us.

Law Firm Iasi - Investments

Being familiar with the economic and political realities in Romania our lawyers are able to identify best domain to offer solid investing opportunities in Romania. We are committed to delivering best alternatives in various fields focusing on objective present requests and taking in account all particularities describing each professional area. Our law office Iasi adapts knowledge and experience to individual instances pinpointing creative solutions and also consistent alternatives for all our clientage.

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