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Registration of marriage in Romania

Updated on Friday 01st August 2014

Question: I would like to register my foreign marriage in Romania, what advice do you offer?

Answer: There are several categories of individuals who are able to initiate these procedures, but most of the cases are referring to Romanian citizens, living abroad and who registered their marriage in a foreign country.

There is a six-month period which allows you to perform this process according to legal stipulations and failure to follow these rules will result in penalties established by the Romanian legal system. If you are domiciled in the same jurisdiction, you can simply submit your dossier to the Bureau of Vital Statistics or, if you and your partner come from different cities, only one of the two spouses must submit the dossier to the appropriate bureau.

Registering a foreign marriage in Romania may prove unexpectedly difficult even for two Romanian citizens and that is why our lawyers emphasize the importance of consulting with a qualified legal expert. An attorney in the country of origin can accurately develop a strategy and also draw attention on most questionable aspects.

Following, we would like to present some particular cases of registering a foreign marriage in Romania:

Situation differs at certain levels when we deal with a marriage between a Romanian citizen and a foreign one.

The Romanian citizen has the option to hire a lawyer in Romania who can perform all procedures and represent in front of appropriate authorities. There is also a particular procedure to be followed when the foreign spouse comes from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, UAE, Indonesia, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Tunisia, regarding the responsibility to provide a supplementary document which states that he has no other spouse in the country of origin.

Another special situation is considered to be the case when the Romanian citizen was previously married and kept the ex-spouse name.

Labeled as less ordinary is also the circumstance when the Romanian spouse changed his or her name, but did not register these details with the Romanian authorities.

For citizens who were previously involved in other marriages, there are also some additional procedures to be followed and these may vary according to actual facts describing the dissolution of the other marriage.

Registering a foreign marriage in Romania usually takes about 30 days, but this term may be altered by multiple contingent factors. Our team can provide any detail related to this topic and some of c

Lawyers at Darie, Manea & Associates provide assistance in matters related to procedures concerning the registration of marriage in Romania. Even if considered a rather routine process this bureaucratic approach is frequently not completely understood nor fully explained by responsible authorities. Please feel free to contact us for a free case consultation.

by Cristian Darie

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