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Change working point address

Updated on Tuesday 11th December 2018

Change working point address

Most likely when you want to move your point of work is to radiate the old one if you do not have any activity there and open another one. These two entries, the closure of the old working point and the opening of the new one, can be made in one file by a complex statement to be filed with the trade register.

The point of work is where the company carries out its economic activities, outside the registered office (with or without activity), thus having the right to register with the Trade Register that no matter how many points of work. It is recommended to delete the old work point because any work point requires authorization of the activities to be carried out in that space. The papers needed to radiate the old workplace and open a new one are the following:


- Type request - complex ideas

- Statement

- Original modifier act and copy

- Annex

- Proof of the use right of the workspace

- Affiliate and neighbors association agreement - if applicable

- Certificate for the working point to be radiated

- Empowerment - if applicable


In addition to this process, it is important to know that when changing the work point it is also necessary to replace the fiscal memory of the cash registers, since the header can not be changed. In order to make this change, it is first necessary to pass on the current fiscal memory to the Financial Administration to which the current work point belongs, together with the following documents:

- Interventions card (with service technician 's records, identification of the cash register and the user)

- The special register of the cash register

- VAT registration certificate (CIF) - if applicable

- CUI company - copy

- Application form

- Address for transmission to the DGFP in original and copy

- Memory pick up process - original and 3 copies

- Word seal - original and 2 copies

- Stamp

- Administrator ID or Delegated Act


Important! Only a service technician from the company where you bought a cash register can extract the fiscal memory from the machine in front of the speculating inspector.

After the old tax memo is handed over, a new memory will be purchased and a DGFP file to which the new work point belongs, containing the following documents:


- Request to transfer a cash register from the old workstation to the new one

- Old memory teaching protocol - copy

- CUI / CIF - copy

- Proof of the new working point - copy

- Constitutive act - copy

- Administrator ID Act - Copy

- Stamp


Once the new tax series has been obtained, it is necessary to re-register the cash register, and within 24 hours from the refurbishment it is necessary to obtain the fiscal fiscal file, which must contain:

- Installation statement in 4 copies

- DGFP certificate - original and cope

- Intervention cards

- The special register of the cash register

- CUI / CIF - copy

Subsequently, within approximately 7 days of receiving the new order number, you are banned from submitting a copy of the Installation Statement to DGFP.

by Cristian Darie

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