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Company Formation in Romania

The company formation Romania process calls for multiple mandatory procedures that can further determine the overall practicality of the business itself. All legal steps imposed by these compulsory procedures relate to clear regulations indicated by the Romanian legal system. Benefiting from professional assistance during every stage of the company creation mechanism guarantees final positive results and, most important, financial security. Our team of Romanian lawyers gradually introduces clients to more or less intricate legal terms and constantly provides professional advice adapted to each possible case.

Our robust commitment to excellence enabled us to identify and develop strong strategies always oriented towards our client’s best interests. We can deliver optimal solutions designed to anticipate and deflect from a potential unfavorable course of actions.

Question: Me and my partner from France are willing to form a company in Romania and would like some legal assistance. Does your firm offer any packages, depending on the client's need to start a company formaiton in Romania?

Answer: In order to set up a Romanian company, individuals must be equitably informed regarding possible risks and valuable alternatives that might sustain any backup strategy. Each client will also be provided with all required documents illustrating the company registration Romania process. We list below all services included by our law firm in the company formation Romania package.

Company Formation Romania Package:

• Reservation of the company's name;
• Drafting of the Articles of Association (by-laws) and statements (affidavits) of the shareholders and directors;
• Submitting the share capital to a chosen bank;
• Filling the necessary application and submitting it to the Local Trade Register in the presence of the deputy judge;
• Undertaking the Certificate of Incorporation and the VAT number;
• Our law firm can provide you with a registered office or you can opt for the virtual office alternative;
• Following the company formaiton Romania process, our attorneys will take all the necessary steps with Romanian authorities in order to obtain the mandatory legal documents or authorizations.
•Bank account introduction for opening of an account with internet banking and debit card;

Question: Romania is interesting to me from a business point of view and I want to start a company here. Can you advise on the types of company that can be opened here?

Answer:  We would like to inform you that there are 2 most common types of companies that can be opened in Romania, and we list them below:

• Limited Liability Company (SRL)

This is the most popular vehicle for carrying out business activities in Romania, for both local and foreign investors. Main reasons demonstrating this fact relate to:

a. Low administrative requirements;
b. Greater flexibility compared to other types of companies;
c. Low initial capital requirements.

Quick facts:
- minimum registered capital: currently 200.00 lei (about 60 EURO);
- the maximum number of shareholders, natural or legal persons, in such a company is 50;
- an SRL is managed by one or more administrators (directors) who may have full or limited power and whose nationality may be Romanian or foreign.


• Joint-stock Company (SA)

The number of joint stock companies (SA) is growing in Romania.

Quick facts:
- minimum registered capital: currently 25,000 EUR;
- there is no limit for the number of associates, however, such a company should have at least 2 shareholders;
- when an SA is established, at least 30% of the subscribed share capital, or 100% in respect of contributions in kind, must be immediately contributed upon formation of the company and all subscribed share capital must be fully paid within 12 months since all steps for company formation Romania were completed.


Our law firm located in Bucharest offers additional services, apart from the company formation Romania package. These facilities are intended for both local and foreign companies:

- Ready-Made companies. Setting up Dutch BV
- Registered office in Bucharest, Romania;
- Virtual office in Bucharest, Romania;
- Accounting services.

Our law firm provides solid background for all clients interested to set up a Romanian company; the business team in this law firm delivers solutions indicating all necessary details referring to the process of incorporation. Please contact one of our lawyers in Bucharest to give you a free consultation regarding your company formation inquiries

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