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Criminal Law Lawyers in Romania

Question: I urgently need to contact one of the best Romanian Criminal Defense Attorneys. Can you help me? 

Answer: The highly trained lawyers in our Criminal Law and Business Crime team are available for immediate representation and can efficiently assist you in every aspect concerning this area of expertise. We can offer you support in any situation involving the application of the criminal legal disposals, defending you in all kinds of criminal prosecutions – from offenses that fit to the term of “white-collar crime”, to serious felonies that have a high range of convictions to the maximum penalty.

When choosing the services offered by our lawyers in Romania, not only that you will benefit from tailored legal assistance, but you will have a real chance for a fair trial. We cautiously handle every stage of the legal process starting from the police station work, right up to the highest Court House. In this respect, please find bellow our legal services, given by some of the most professional lawyers in Romania, which are part of our team:

  • Assistance and representation in front of the prosecution during the criminal investigation, for participants in criminal proceedings (accused, defendant, injured party, civilly liable party, civil party);
  • Assistance and representation before courts in criminal cases, for trial participants in criminal proceedings (defendant, injured party, civilly liable party, civil party).

The Romanian lawyers from our Law Office know that being accused of committing a felony does not exclude the benefit of the doubt and that the answer lies within the attorneys’ approach (the manner in which they use their knowledge and skills and when they decide to make use of the sentencing mitigation strategies). Our Romanian criminal lawyers Romania  offer a competent, staunch, personalized and committed legal service. Your case will be dealt by a senior, a highly experienced lawyer specialized in Criminal Law and Business Crime, who has gained valuable practical knowledge, acquired from dealing with a large range of cases in which he have successfully represented our clients.

When needed, specialists from other areas of expertise in our Law Office (Immigration, Intellectual Property Law or Employment Law) can approach the case and offer their acknowledgment. In this manner, creative solutions will be identified and our clients will benefit from the most secure and reliable legal opinions.

Our lawyers in Romania specialized in Criminal Law are very determined in offering their legal support, whatever the nature of the accusation, defending our clients with a high rank of devotement and persuasion. The professional lawyers from Darie & Manea Law Firm are bold, dauntless and protective when it comes to the client’s rights, permanently emphasizing and invoking the human rights as stated in the European and International Conventions, such as the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Our Team

Our Criminal Law and Business Crime team is led by Mrs. Laurentia Gheorghe, who is recognized as a well-known criminal lawyer and a leading barrister in Romania, on this area of expertise. The other  lawyers from the team are trained by her and are under her permanent coordination, having a valiant contribution in solving the cases.

You can contact one of the members from our Criminal Law Department at any time. They are all opened to new ideas, always sharing their opinions with the clients, permanently keeping them fully informed about the case, paying them the respect they fully deserve.Our highly qualified criminal lawyers understands the amount of stress hanging on our clients shoulders while they are waiting to hear the latest news about their criminal cases, therefore we never leave them wondering, thinking about what should come next. Nevertheless, if it is necessary, we are contactable 24 hours a day in order to provide legal assistance.

Below, we present the main services that our Romanian criminal defense attorneys ca offer.

Darie & Manea Law Firm, through its lawyers of the Criminal Law Department, offers assistance for a variety of assumptive allegations, no matter the level of jurisdiction or if the case is brought to the attention of a Romanian or foreign Authority, or if it is inside the country or abroad. We may provide legal assistance for the following types of criminal matters.

White-collar crime

Generically referred to as “White-collar crime”, this perpetration includes a variety of crimes generally committed by businesspeople or public officials, in commercial situations, for a financial gain. The most common white-collar offences for what we have the skills in pursuing the goal of winning the lawsuits, include: computer and internet fraud, counterfeiting, phone fraud, credit card fraud, bank fraud, security fraud, West African investment scams (also known as the “Nigerian scam”), investment schemes, bankruptcy fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, mail and e-mail fraud, government fraud, tax evasion, financial fraud, fake auction sales, fake add and audition sales, withholding or destroying documents, material false in official documents, forgery, forgery of documents under private signature, money laundering, bribery, blackmail, public corruption, economic espionage and trade secret theft.

Embracing the challenge, our lawyers in Romania developed particular approaches for intricate cases such as money laundering Bucharest; the complexity of these files and also the notable clients for whom we have pleaded before the Supreme Court intrigued us and provoked us to reach the success. For these circumstances, we have developed special strategies and, granting with our vast experience, we can now offer effective solutions that can determine a favourable outcome for your case.

Many white-collar crimes have a difficult course in the proceedings of tracing, proofing and pressing charges if the lawyer raises issues to the criminal investigation body, overturning in every stage of the case the accusations made through the indictment. Our Romanian law firm has the needed resources for disclosure and for challenging top specialist prosecution teams. This way, sanctions can be removed or lessened, according to the case, our lawyers obtaining noticeable results in every lawsuit they were involved, effectively representing the clients.


Our vast experience has thought us to stand up for the party that we represent and claim to any lengths either the defendant, or the person whose money or property was injured. The criminal lawyers from our Romanian team advise our clients in their best interest, always respecting the disposals of the criminal law and nevertheless, the values of good standing.

We act for big corporates that are facing the assumption of this kind of felony regarding their own employees or their business partners that do not respect their obligations as stipulated in the agreements. Therefore, we offer our legal support to large companies on their internal investigation, so they do not fail to act promptly and follow the legal procedures.

Although at first sight, this criminal field may look trivial, in fact it conceals a wide range of the most unexpected criminal activities and our Romanian lawyers can assist with all of these. 

Land fraud

One of the most debated issues these days concerns the protection of each individual’s property. The Romanian criminal defense attorneys in our law office are experts in defending the property rights and we have gained a large experience in this section of the criminal law, especially because we have developed particular acknowledgement.

We have known success in obtaining properties that had a very important value, not only from a material point of view, but also in terms of private/personal matters, protecting the heritage of the people parted from their assets for reasons not attributable to them.

Our attorneys in Romania are able to offer parallel representation in front of the competent authorities, in cases that require the completion of certain, specific phases before the competent authorities.

Immigration services offered by our Romanian lawyers

Although the most common situations fall into the patterns of our Immigration Law Department, we take care of the cases that involve the criminal law application in this field, permanently offering legal support in collaboration with our colleagues.

Traffic accidents (including car crashes)

We are one of the few law companies that permanently activates in this field of the criminal law. Therefore, our strong experience and achievements prove once again that our legal assistance is at the peak of earnestness, rightness and commitment to our legal duties and towards the client.

First of all, we must mention that after so many years of practice, we have never lost a case or obtained a sentence that punished by imprisonment our clients.

Second, we must bring to the lights that the best way to handle this kind of allegation is to build the defense and the strategy before the prosecutors have time to put together all the pieces of the criminal file and to make accusations. In conclusion, time is the essence: the sooner we get in contact with the client, the more secure is to obtain a favourable sentence.

Most important of all, we must include in the present section the recovery of the damages lost as the result of an accident. We have managed to obtain the compensation of the goods destroyed and even more than that, we achieved to get indemnities to cover all the expenses occurred after producing the accident.

We understand that either sides of the unfortunate event share grief, therefore we stand besides our client and advise him permanently, in order for his actions to benefit of a fair scale of judgment.

Appeals and miscarriages of justice

Darie & Manea Law Firm provides legal support in order to offer our clients the possibility to correct a judgment that does not represent a fail ruling to them. Although miscarriages of justice involve a very complex and difficult defending construction, we offer a remedy: our help to our clients against which there has been produced a failure in judgments. In this respect, we base our protection by conceiving a strong defense including argumentation sustained by the provisions of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and also by the ruling from the cases trialed at the European Court of Human Rights. We have also successfully filed petitions with the European Court of Human Rights, in this manner managing to impose our perspective also before the Romanian Courts.

Our professional Romanian criminal defense attorneys are experts in re-opening cases that have known unfairness at the time the sentence was pronounced, and we solidly research the file and look straightforward for new or even old evidence that supports our theories.

We know that a criminal law suit no matter its stage, can represent a difficult time both for the individual and for his family, being a period of overwhelming emotions that can transform into a harrowing experience. At Darie & Manea Law Firm, we understand the enormous pressure of the criminal charges, along with the idea of being convicted, facing a punishment of imprisonment, having a criminal record. Therefore, our efforts shall be submitted in two pathways: offering our clients the legal support they need, successfully defending them and lessening their concerns regarding the proceeding throughout the lawsuit. Contact our law firm in Romania for more details about our services.

by Cristian Darie