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Labor Lawyers in Romania

Updated on Tuesday 10th April 2018

Question: I am interested in moving to Romania for 1-2 years, as I plan to work there. I have found myself an employer already, but would like to know more about the labor laws in this country, not to be taken advantage of. Please let me know if you can assist me.

Answer: The Romanian Employment Law is one of the practice areas in which our lawyers in Bucharest have acquired extensive experience. We are able to assist you with the following legal matters:

1. Individual employment agreement (C.I.M.)
I.  Preliminary advising for both parties: employers and employees.
II. Negotiating specific clauses: non-competition clauses, confidentiality clauses, mobility clauses, etc.
III.Drafting C.I.M.
IV. Registering C.I.M. with the Labor Inspectorate (I.T.M.).
V.  Termination, specific clauses.
2. Dismissal/ Lay-off
I.   Preliminary advising for both parties: employers and employees.
II.  Advice on individual employment agreement termination (legal documents, stages of the procedure).
III. Assisting management in negotiations with unions on lay-off conditions.
IV.  Assisting employees in negotiations with employer on lay-off conditions.
3. Expatriates’ Labor Regime
I.   Assistance on expatriates employment regulations and requirements.
II. Assistance related to staying/working permits and visas necessary to foreign individuals for working in Romania.
III. Completion of formalities necessary for expatriates to work in Romania.
4. Employees’ Incentive Programs
I.  Legal assistance on implementation of stock option plans for employees of foreign companies’ subsidiaries in Romania.
II. Reviews on the Romanian legislation regarding the relevant fiscal and data protection matters.
III.Drafting agreements for employees in management positions.
5. Employment Litigation

We can also assist our clients, in accordance with Employment Law Romania regulations, in pre-litigation negotiation and litigation in connection with grievances under the collective bargaining agreements and individual employment agreements, termination of employment, lay-offs, repositioning in the company, discrimination, protection of employers’ intellectual property rights for work created by employees.

We can assist you as well during the preliminary inquiry which is conducted before the disciplinary procedure. Let some of our lawyers in Bucharest take care of your legal matters, so you can focus on finding the most suitable job for yourself. Call us now for a free case consultation, we are always here to help.


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