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The procedure for obtaining the European Ecolabel

Updated on Sunday 16th August 2015

What is the European Ecolabel and what is the legal framework under which it operates in Romania?

The European Ecolabel certification is a unique scheme that aims to help consumers distinguish green products and services that do not affect the environment. However, the EU Ecolabel can not be granted for food and medical products.

This label is a voluntary scheme, which was created with the purpose of encouraging businesses to market goods and services with a reduced environmental impact and to identify them easily by European consumers, including public and private purchasers.

The European Ecolabel aims to promote environmental protection and sustainability, being found in a wide variety of operations such as packaging, distribution and disposal. Moreover, eco-labeling is trying to limit the use of substances that can cause negative effects on water, air, soil, as well as those who are at high risk of producing carcinogenic effects, allergic effects etc.

The framework legislation in this area is the European Parliament and Council Regulation no. 66/2010 / EC on the EU Ecolabel, which was implemented in Romania through GD. 661/2011 on establishing measures to ensure national application of Regulation (EC) no. 66/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the EU Ecolabel, as well as through the Order of the Minister of environment and climate change No.1480 / 29.08.2014 regarding the approval of members of the Commission for the EU Ecolabel.

The Ecolabel is made up of a graphic symbol and / or a descriptive text on the product or packaging, in a brochure or other document accompanying the product and which provides necessary information on the environmental criteria of products offered on the market.

What is the procedure for obtaining the European Ecolabel in accordance with the legislation in Romania?

The procedure for obtaining the European eco-label consists of several steps. Firstly, it is necessary to resort to verifying the eligibility for the product or service for which you wish to obtain the European Ecolabel in Romania.

The product / service must belong to one of the categories of products that can obtain the Ecolabel and it must fulfill certain conditions, such as to have a high potential for environmental protection, competitive advantages for manufacturers of goods or providers of services and have a consumer demand.

The procedure for obtaining the European Ecolabel can be required by economic operators who will contact the competent public authorities in Romania, namely the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, which is the competent authority at the national level for the European Ecolabel.

An economic operator who wishes to obtain the European Ecolabel must submit a dossier demonstrating that the product / service meets stringent environmental requirements set out by the European Commission.

The Ministry of Environment receives the operator's request and informs the European Commission of its decision to grant the European Ecolabel in case the conditions are being met. In this situation, the European Ecolabel will be granted by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development within which operates the National Commission for the Awarding of European Ecolabel, a body with consultative role in processing the application.

Is the European Ecolabel valid for a certain period of time?

Yes, indeed, the European Ecolabel will be granted for a determined period of time, specifically between 3 and 5 years, after which the revisal of the ecological criteria for each product will be made again, operation after which the economic operator's request will be renewed.

The introduction of the European Ecolabel is an important step towards environmental protection and sustainable development. The team of lawyers within the Darie, Manea & associates law firm will be available with information and answers in case you need further details or specialized legal assistance in the procedure for obtaining the European Ecolabel in Romania.

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