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We provide legal support on various issues ranging from commercial litigations to white-collar crime cases.


We offer professional legal assistance to clients interested in setting up any type of company in Romania.


Our lawyers deliver efficient legal approaches for an impressive range of debt collection cases.


We assist international clients in highly profitable real estate transactions constantly delivering first class strategies.


We provide quality legal advice to international clients who intent to obtain a Romanian passport or a residence permit.


Attorneys in our criminal law department develop outstanding strategies to protect our clients’ rights and interests.

Darie, Manea & Associates Lawyers in Bucharest

How can we help you?

Darie, Manea & Associates is a Romanian law firm, providing assistance and representation in a range of issues related to Corporate & Commercial Law, Litigation, Debt Collection, Real Estate or Intellectual Property Law.

Our primary goal is to offer hassle-free legal solutions and consultance for our clients. We know how busy your life can get and how starting a new business or dealing with a divorce can cause serious concerns. We do not want to add more stress to your entrepreneurial or private life, so we gathered a group of lawyers in Romania, ready to assist you with your inquiries and to get your situations solved faster than you expected, everything at a highly competitive price. Our slogan is always respected: trust and experience.

Our job is to render highly professional legal services to local and international clients, always combining ingenuity with competent strategies. We have been offering expert advice and help for the past 10 years, demonstrating our ability to focus on essential matters in various departments, significant to justice frame of reference.

The accomplished Romanian lawyers in our team are consistently familiar with aspects related to multiple areas of expertise being able, in this manner, to come with effective solutions, designed to cover even the less expected legal features raised by more complex cases. We are strongly engaged in cooperating with our clients in order to preserve transparency and also to closely monitor possible distinctive traits that might translate into key-terms, for various circumstances.

Our most significant principles relate to highest standards of professional ethics, to our clients’ priorities and to cost-effective approaches, guaranteed by all proficient lawyers at Darie, Manea & Associates.

Corporate & Commercial Law

The corporate and commercial sector in Romania is continuously evolving toward more explicit structures, improved according to present demand, adapted to international climate and expected to provide solutions to a larger number of foreign and national investors. Hiring a Bucharest lawyer for matters related to business law implies the expert opinion of a highly skilled authority able to indicate optimal approaches and also to explain particularities that might reveal a totally new perspective.

Our team provides assistance and counseling during company formation procedures, for both Romanian and foreign clients. We are able to advise in various issues connected to complex corporate procedures, drafting agreements, negotiating mechanisms, official documents etc.

For details about the company formation services provided by our law firm, we invite you to watch a video:

As an experienced Romanian law firm, we are pertinaciously advocating for our customers’ interests taking into account all European stipulations, international treaties or foreign judicial background that might interfere.

Our Romanian lawyers at Darie, Manea & Associates provide as well a comprehensive strategy, for choosing the best option when deciding to extend your business in our country. Our team will also emphasize the importance of acquiring the necessary portfolio of business permits and licenses. Every detail related to corporate and commercial law is strictly approached by all our trained attorneys, as we are fully aware of the importance of keeping solid accuracy when handling business instruments. 

Litigation Lawyers Romania

Our attorneys at Darie, Manea & Associates are highly experienced in the practice of Litigation and Arbitration, dealing with contentious aspects in various domains. Our team, consisting of professional Romanian lawyers in Romania, develops creative litigation strategies always managing to find best solutions for our clients.

Our expert lawyers are able to represent a client in front of any legal Court in Bucharest, at any level of jurisdiction, within our country’s borders and abroad. A Bucharest lawyer from our firm may come with a persuasive strategy adapted to local authorities and to specific requirements significantly important for the Romanian legal system. 

We assisted our clients in a large variety of cases including:

• Corporate and Commercial,
• Real estate,
• Insolvency procedure,
• Employment,
• Intellectual property.

Debt Collection

Given the recent economic events in our country, the debt collection practice has become a major chapter of our daily activity. Our lawyers in Romania are experts in this department, being able to handle procedures either when physical persons or even legal entities are being involved (Romanian or foreign).

Using our acquired experience, we have managed to develop efficient mechanisms in the debt recovery department. The Romanian law firm Darie, Manea & Associates proves an impressive broad-based skills portfolio and valuable practice in different essential fields such as drafting notices, the procedure of summoning payments, forced execution procedures etc.

If willing to request more details concerning specific cases in this area, you may contact one of our Bucharest's lawyers that can be found at our office. We are definitely engaged in providing legal services at fastest pace.

Criminal Law – Romanian Lawyers

The criminal law department brings into question a series of concepts that require a highly skilled approach, exercised through incisive means, able to deliver a comprehensive view of each case.

Our Romanian law firm, through its criminal defense attorneys, engages in indentifying optimal legal solutions, not only understood as flexible instruments meant to offer a valid answer to our clients’ requests, but also designed to put into practice fundamental principles characteristic for this area of expertise. The team of experts in the criminal law department is homogenously comprehended, in order to allow an elaborated strategy, covering every aspect concerning each instance that we deal with.

We handle a large variety of criminal matters, creating unique action plans, standing out from the rest through professionalism and disciplined creativity. 

Green Energy in Romania

The green energy sector impressively developed in recent years due to a highly effective incentive system which functions on both national and European level. We have a law firm in Romania, which provides technical and environmental due diligence audits, constantly delivering to all our clients all necessary legal information related to possible investments in this domain.

We are also able to offer for sale a number of renewable energy projects, which were preliminarily evaluated by our experts and assertively represent a reliable investment opportunity. 

The lawyers from our Romanian team come with effective solutions designed to implement successful strategies, generating most favorable business ideas.

Consultancy Services

The group of Romanian lawyers at Darie, Manea & Associates is highly trained in drafting legal opinions covering a large spectrum of practice areas: 

Civil Law: restitution of property, sales of properties, legal regime of matrimonial goods, inheritance procedure, legal status of the physical person - deeds of civil status, exequatur procedure.

Fiscal and Financial: avoiding double taxation, the VAT system, tax system.

Commercial Law: incorporate companies, the legal status of companies - types of companies, commercial contracts and public acquisitions.  

We look forward to hearing from you as we are always here to help you. Our prospects become not only clients, but business partners who we really like to work with. Contact us anytime for a free and friendly consultation.

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