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Intellectual Property Law

RoLegal – Intellectual Property is a law firm of industrial intellectual property which offers professional consulting services regarding the obtaining of the industrial property rights over the brands, industrial drawings/models, inventions, on national level – OSIM, on community level – OHIM, on international level – WIPO, as well as services by which it is ensured the subsequent protection of these. Our lawyers in Romania can definitely help you in any intellectual property matter.

Trademark Registration Romania

By the registration of a brand your company acquires exclusive rights to use the trademark, forbidding the competing companies to commercialize identical or similar products or to carry out services under the same brand or under a similar brand with the purpose of creating confusion for the consumers.

The registration of a brand is not a very simple thing taking into consideration the fact that certain conditions must be complied with: the verbal elements which compose the brand must be easy to pronounce and apprehend, the brand must be easy to represent, visually attractive and to differ from the brands of the identical or similar brands. more…

Registration of Industrial Drawings / Models Romania

From the moment of the registration of the industrial drawing/model, the holder will enjoy an exclusive right for its exploitation, as well as the right of forbidding the third parties to carry out without consent or to reproduce, to fabricate, to commercialize or to offer for sale, to use, to import or to stock in the view of commercializing, offering for sale or the use of any reproduction in which the industrial drawing or model is incorporated or to which this is applied.

By industrial model it is understood the exterior aspect of a product and/or of a party of this, rendered in three dimensions, which results from the combination of the main characteristics, especially lines, shapes, colors, the form, the texture and/or the ornamentation of the product. more…

Patents Registration Romania

By registering an invention and obtaining the invention patent, the holder acquires an exclusive right of restraining any other persons from producing, using, offering for sale or importing a product or a procedure based on the patented invention, without his previous agreement.

The patent can be given for any invention which has as object a product or a procedure, carried out in any of the technologic domains, under the condition that this invention be new, to result from an inventive activity and be susceptible of industrial application. more…