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Four Main Reasons to Invest in Romania

Updated on Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Question: Me and my business partners have been thinking about investing in business in Romania. What is your suggestions, as experienced lawyers in the corporate field? We are hoping for a non-biased response.

Answer: Romania provides some genuinely profitable investment opportunities in various industry fields and despite of the uncertain political climate, due to its surprising potential, it reveals remarkable possibilities proving highly advantageous especially for foreign investors.

At certain points, it seems that the economic fluctuations and the rather austere development left some areas unexplored, creating, through a paradox, a peculiar chance for advancement. But treating this topic from an objective perspective implies a strict analysis of various legal and financial aspects that can effectively demonstrate the importance of investing in this Eastern European country.

On paper, there are not too many special incentives provided for foreign investors, since the general trend is to generally stimulate the economic growth in disadvantaged areas and to encourage the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Still, the decision to invest in Romania comes with certain specific benefits which obviously do not apply to nationals. 

These are concerning the right for repatriation of capital, profits and dividends obtained in Romania, the double taxation treaties signed by Romania with various countries, delivering fiscal benefits by tax reductions, labor related incentives and other incentives for the purpose of attracting investments.

The simple act of buying Romanian property, creating a company in this country or investing in renewable energy sector calls for an expert advice. A legal opinion is always needed in order to secure the investment process by verifying all judicial aspects which come with such a decision. The investments Romania process might also confuse since the legislative apparatus is continuously altering due to multiple political changes, creating, in this manner, certain ambiguities.

Precisely for this reason, our law firm decided to introduce certain investment opportunities that we considered more than safe, in order to allow our clients the possibility to come to the best possible verdict.

Together with our professional consultancy team, we tried to offer also some extra options especially for investors who skeptically regard the opportunities to invest in Romania. Our offer clearly serves as a brisk statement for the unique investment possibilities that Romania can provide.  Contact us for a free consultation about the main reasons of why Romania should be on your list of countries that your investments are worth doing.

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