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The Investors’ Guide 2017

Updated on Monday 06th November 2017


Question: Is there a guide for those interested in investing in Romania?

Answer: Yes, there is a guide called The Investors’ Guide 2017 and it contains the foreign investors’ comprehensive data source on Romania.

In an effort to promote the country as an investment destination and to convince foreign entrepreneurs that they can do good business here, the Romanian Government launched The Investors’ Guide 2017.

This guide is a comprehensive document accompanied by a well-conceived website that presents the country under its many interesting aspects for a would-be investor.

In the foreword, the authors – grouped under the name InvestRomania Team – emphasize on the friendly business climate existing in Romania, which is designed to encourage development and growth and represents a solid ground for setting up investments, identifying key sectors like those intensive on innovation, technologically advanced, with maximum economic impact.

Question: What is Romani’s rank in The Investors’ Guide?

Answer: According to World Bank Doing Business Report 2016 - 2017, quoted by the document, Romania is ranked 36th worldwide, on the aggregate ease of doing business index, climbing one position since 2015.

The ranking regarding tax payments had a positive evolution for Romania registering a movement from 55th position to 50th position in 2016.

Answering the call for a friendlier business climate, the government has also simplified the process of opening up a business, reducing the necessary time from 29 days in 2004 to a little over a week in 2016.

Moreover, authorities are committed to aiding emerging entrepreneurs through more and more incentives.

The Investors’ Guide 2017 makes a brief overview on the evolution of foreign investments in the country, which constantly increased over the last 17 years, especially after 2000 when it grew by a factor of 6.6, from EUR 9.7 billion to EUR 64.4 billion at the end of 2015.

Question: What are the best sectors to invest in, when starting a business in Romania?

Answer: By activity sectors, the highest share of FDI was directed towards :

  • industry,
  • manufacturing,
  • energy,
  • utilities,
  • financial services,
  • construction,
  • real estate and
  • trade.

New champions are also emerging, with IT&C rising above the EUR 3.7 billion mark in 2015.

Another important sector of the Romanian economy is the automotive one. The sector FDI stock increased to EUR 3.8 billion in 2015, up from EUR 1.5 billion in 2004. Ford and Dacia have built and continuously updated their production facilities, ramping up a supplier ecosystem of more than 600 companies.

The Guide also mentions the success stories of several big investors that are doing very well in Romania, such as Renault, Continental, Ford, or Daimler.

Question: Are there any macroeconomic statistics regarding the investment sector in Romania?

Answer: Entrepreneurs who are interested in macroeconomic figures will find the essential macroeconomic statistics at country level in the Guide, along with the

  1. key economic,
  2. financial and
  3. social indicators like public finance, taxation, energy, education and so on.

The infrastructure field too is presented, in the light of the European transport policies pertaining to Romania, along with regions and regional policies.

Further on, the document provides thorough information on the ways of doing business in Romania, with ample explanations on topics like:

  • the steps for setting up a Romanian company, a branch office or a subsidiary,
  • the legal status of shares and how they can be traded,
  • competition law regulations,
  • financing through EU funds and many other matters of interest for a foreign investor.

State aid schemes and the labor regulations have their own chapters.

The authors also give information on the cost of living in Romania and the expat community that already took residence in the country, including the international schools available in various towns.

Question: How can I download or read The Investors’ Guide 2017 about Romania?

Answer: For reading The Investors’ Guide 2017 online, the website address is:


Alos, the Guide can be downloaded here:


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