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Litigation Lawyers in Romania

Updated on Tuesday 24th October 2017

Darie & Manea Law Firm has extensive experience in the practice of Litigation and Arbitration, concerning contentious matters in various areas. Our lawyers in Romania are developing litigation strategies based on gained valuable practical knowledge, acquired from dealing with a large variety of cases. 

Our team is able to represent clients in front of any legal Court in Bucharest, at any level of jurisdiction, inside the country and abroad.

Question: I need some help with a case of insolvency, can you help me? What is your area of expertize?

Answer: We have been involved in numerous cases representing individuals and businesses in distinct departments including:

Corporate and Commercial

Due to recent economic changes that inevitably affect the business area, the number of commercial disputes is constantly growing. Consequently, our litigation team from Romania has acquired an extensive expertise in commercial disputes.

We are particularly skilled in debt recovery cases, summons of payment, forced execution, litigation related to commercial contracts and public acquisitions.

Our areas of expertise also include commercial law aspects like setting up/disbanding commercial companies, various kinds of transactions, debt recovery, labor law, successions, divorce, retrocessions etc.

Also, our lawyers have assisted clients in litigations related to associated withdrawal, exclusion associated, cancellation of decisions taken by GMS, shares transfers, appeals against the decisions pronounced by the delegate judge etc.

Darie, Manea and Associates law firm provides a full package of services that will allow you to set up a commercial company with various activity objects, in the shortest time that is legally possible in Romania.

Real estate

Our team of real estate lawyers in Bucharest have represented various clients in cases related to: restitution of property - Law no. 18/1991, Law no 1/2000, Law no. 10/2001, and sale of properties (including those acquired by the Law no. 112/1995), exequatur procedure etc.

Also, we have assisted numerous clients in resolving disputes related to pre-contracts and contracts of sale and purchase, construction contracts, tax issues related to acquiring property in Romania.

Do you wish to buy purchase a vacant lot, build offices buildings, or solve a property dispute?

Our experienced lawyers can help you reach a successful conclusion. We have a thorough understanding of the real estate market and of the litigations associated with it.

Our attorneys have the skills and the experience to successfully handle your case and take it to Romanian authorities or courts, so contact us whenever you need to schedule a consultation. We are ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs, including:

- document drafting;

- negotiating sale and purchase contracts;

- disputes related to real estate matters;

- real estate transactions;

- commercial & residential foreclosure.

Insolvency procedure

We are here to help your business overcome its difficulties so you can focus on your trade and on doing business. Our lawyers will work with you, your bank and your accountants to help this happen.

Our task as an insolvency law firm is to support you in lowering the degree of exposure to any risks that may arise. The manner in which insolvency proceedings are handled by our lawyers in Bucharest highlights their unique ability to craft solutions for debtor-creditor litigations.

We represent our clients in a wide variety of disputes that are in close connection with insolvency issues, such as:

- Various legal aspects related to debt recovery. We will provide you with knowledgeable and pragmatic advice on the legal aspects of insolvency and bankruptcy. Our lawyers will offer pertinent assessment of legal issues, due to the expertise we have following many years of experience dealing with this type of cases.

Our team of insolvency lawyers is able to help you maximize the chances for a successful recovery of assets and debts.

- Bankruptcy. Though bankruptcy is an outcome no business envisages initially, in the current difficult economic climate it might become the only solution at some point, after all the other options were used to no effect.

If your company has reached this situation, we are ready to help you go through it with the least possible effects, making the best out of a bad situation. We are here to support you with customized solutions that will suit the specificity of your case, offering you pragmatic advice, in line with Romanian laws and business environment.


We have all necessary resources to assist any client in matters concerning grievances under the collective bargaining agreements and individual employment agreements, termination of employment, lay-offs, repositioning in the company, discrimination, protection of employers intellectual property, rights for work created by employees etc.

You can seek for advice from a litigation attorney Bucharest that our law firm is able to provide, in order to assist you during the procedure of preliminary disciplinary inquiry and also during pre-litigation negotiations.

Our experienced lawyers provide advice to both employers (including HR departments and professionals), and employees whose rights have been infringed.

Cases of Employment Law imply taking into consideration the requirements of the Romanian law, as well as addressing issues of financial, emotional, and reputation matter. We closely work with our clients to meet their needs, including preparation and review of employee relations policies and practices, NDA’s etc.

We have vast expertise in negotiating executive packages, unemployment benefits, discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims. We can also provide you with competent counseling in regard to salary-related issues and other benefits granted to your employees.

Intellectual property

In our company, there is a highly effective intellectual property department. Our team provides comprehensive solutions for disputes concerning registration of marks, industrial designs.

Our litigation lawyers team has assisted numerous clients including large companies in disputes related to infringement of rights conferred by a trademark registration, counterfeiting actions, unfair competition actions, trademark or patent cancellation actions, actions against the decisions of OSIM.

You can entrust us with your IP cases, because we understand how this sector works and we are ready to help you win your case in court.

We are fully aware of the intricacies of intellectual property rights and know how they operate in relation with the contract and competition legislation and regulations. We have vast experience of the impact IP matters on the internet and in business operations.

Areas of Expertise Include patents, trademarks, copyright, databases, confidentiality agreements, licensing and royalty agreements.

Other litigation cases

Our Romanian litigation team has also developed knowledge and expertise in the following areas: the legal regime of matrimonial goods, the inheritance procedure, the procedure related to the Land Registry (registration procedure, complaints, etc), the legal status of the physical persons - deeds of civil status, tax issues etc.

We look forward to hearing from you as we are always here to help you. Our prospects become not only clients, but business partners who we really like to work with. If you are looking for an experienced litigation lawyer in Romania, you have come to the right place. You can contact us right now for a free consultation.

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