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Open travel agency in Romania

Updated on Sunday 17th June 2018

The definition of a travel agency in Romania

A travel agency is an organization that is specialized in travel services, it is a legal entity entitled to provide, organize and sell travel components or packages as an intermediary between the consumer and travel services providers (transportation companies, accommodation locations).

Open a tourism agency in Romania

In Romania, there are two types of travel agencies:

  1. Tour Operators: this agencies sell and organize their own components and travel packages directly or through intermediaries
  2. Retail agencies: these are the intermediaries that sell the tour operators’ packages or components, according to their contract with the tour operator agency

The operational manager of the travel agency, no matter the type, must have an individual, full time labor contract that is registered at the employees register.

In addition, he needs to have a certificate after completing a management course, and a tourism patent specific for this position, or study diploma after graduating a tourism university or course.

How to open a travel agency in Romania?

First of all you need a tourism license, a document that is issued by the central public institution that is responsible for tourism.

This document attests your capacity, or the person in charge, to sell travel services at regulated standards of safety and quality for the final client.

The economic operator must submit his request at the central public tourism institution, before starting to conduct the travel agency, as it is not authorized to sell travel services without this license.

In order to obtain this certificate, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Annex 6 from Order no 65/2013 – standard affidavit
  • The company certificate released by the Trade Register that show the NACE codes regarding the type of travel agency and the authorization to conduct these activities
  • A valid insurance policy on reimbursement for repatriation costs or amounts paid to purchase travel services by the tourist, in case of bankruptcy or insolvency – copy. This policy must be valid for one year and cover the amount of 10.000$ for retailers and 50.000$ for tour operators.
  • Lease contract or owner proof of the space in which the agency will operate - copy
  • Proof of registration in the General Registry of Employees of the employment contract, and the documents showing the professional training of the operational manager
  • Fiscal record certificate showing that no offences sanctioned by financial law or customs laws were applied to shareholders, associates, legal entity, or the manager of the travel agency

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Foreign economic operators

If you are an economic operator based in the European economic area and have the authorization to perform specific activities of travel agencies in your state, you do not need to get a travel license in order to provide travel services in cross-border regime.

You can develop your activities under the license, authorization or equivalent issued by your origin country by submitting the appendix no. 15 of the Order no. 65/2013 to the central institution responsible for tourism in Romania.

For the Romanian version of this article, please check Deschide O Agentie De Turism In Romania.

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