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Clients of Our Romanian Law Office

Updated on Sunday 30th March 2014

In order to effectively deliver certain key details able to illustrate our work, we present below several cases that we had successfully handled.

Our team of best  lawyers in Bucharest intends to indentify most efficient strategies, in a large variety of legal instances, providing in this manner top solutions to each and every specific circumstance.

Our Romanian law office engages in offering legal assistance in corporate and commercial matters, debt collection cases, immigration proceedings, criminal law affairs and other areas, always guaranteeing for expert services. We are highly familiar with latest changes in Romanian background, being consequently qualified to offer immediate and effective resolutions to every legal controversy that we are facing.

The legal services Bucharest package that we guarantee functions as basic assistance facility intended to serve our clients' best interests. Please read below some cases we successfully handled last year.

January 2013 

Our team successfully participated in a debt collection case recovering 50,000 Euros for an Italian company.

February 2013

We provided legal assistance to a Chinese state-owned company for establishing their branch office in Romania.

We provided legal assistance to several foreign citizens requesting Romanian citizenship.

March 2013

The lawyers from Darie & Manea Law Firm won two lawsuits against the National Authority for Properties' Restitution recovering real estate properties amounting to several million Euros.

April 2013

We provided legal assistance concerning a company formation matter with a complex ownership and capital structure involving as well an offshore company. Our international lawyers Romania team exquisitely handled all procedures related to this topic.

May 2013 

Our lawyers provided legal assistance in a divorce case between a British citizen and a Romanian involving partition properties amounting to hundreds of thousands of Euros.

August 2013 

Recovery of 60 000 euros through writ of execution.

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