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How to Set up a Subsidiary in Romania

Updated on Monday 21st July 2014

Question: How can I open a subsidiary of my company in Romania? I sell IT devices in Europe already.

Answer: An overseas corporation can conveniently conduct their business in Romania via a subsidiary. The subsidiary has legal personality and it is regarded as a Romanian entity.

According to the Law No.31/1990, a Romanian subsidiary of a foreign company has a Romanian legal personality and, consequently, it is subject to Romanian laws. It is liable, on its own behalf, for the actions taken. The Romanian subsidiary has its own patrimony and bank account.

In practice, in order to open subsidiary Romania, you have to follow the same steps as those described for the registration of a company, i.e. notarizing the statutes and registering the subsidiary with the National Trade Register Office.

The formation of a subsidiary must conform to requirements under the Romanian Company Law. You should also know that in order to incorporate Romanian subsidiary, you must comply with the minimum capital requirements under the Romanian Company Law no.31/1990.

Please do not let any legal matters stand in the way of opening or expanding your business. Our lawyers in Bucharest are here to help and make the incorporation process of a subsidiary in Romania hassle-free. Call us now for free consultation!


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