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Shelf companies in Romania

Updated on Thursday 07th May 2015

What is the legal status of a ready made company in Romania? I am interested in buying one. Are there any advantages of such a purchase?

A shelf company is an already founded company which has not had any activity. This company was created and, metaphorically speaking, was “put on the shelf”.

Shelf companies are limited liability companies that are already registered and are available for immediate purchase. These companies did not perform any transactions whatsoever, were not in any contractual relations, have no obligations and had no director/shareholder appointed.

Such a company has no open bank accounts and no signed documents. Under certain circumstances, ready made companies might serve as optimal business instruments. A shelf company opened in Romania is simply a standard limited company that our law firm has previously registered for your benefit.

If you decide to purchase a ready made company, you are allowed to initiate your business activities immediately. And thereby, one of the most important advantages of acquiring this type of firm resides in its time-saving attributes. Having an already created company at your disposal translates into increased business responsiveness when being interested in bidding on extremely significant contracts or delivering a solid guarantee for various transactions.

At certain points, the ready made companies deliver an essential secondary approach, if being compelled to choose a fast and reliable alternative for your business approaches.

Understanding the needs of the market, our lawyers in Bucharest are engaged into identifying the multiple cohesive features of a shelf company in Romania. This means that we can provide the shelf establishments, enhanced with optimal characteristics seen as flexible traits, fit to uniquely serve specific business needs.

Are there any risks in buying a shelf company?

 Absolutely not. Before being sold, the shelf company had no nominated directors or shareholders, thus the non-existing possibility of any hidden debts or commercial disputes, as there were no acquisitions of any asset or liability, contracts or unfulfilled promises. Therefore, there is no potential risk.

 However, be advised that when you are buying a shelf company, you must make sure that the documents are being completed in front of you and you are the first named director or shareholder. You should always buy such companies from a professional accredited agent that is specifically qualified for making this sort of transactions. 

We want to buy a ready made company in Romania or even more than one. Please tell me more about the advantages of such a business strategy, as opposed to other options.

Already incorporated establishments shall deliver trustworthy foundation for undertaking certain business responsibilities and also for initiating other commercial activities. The lastingness quality plays a highly important role in various operations and this fact may also reflect upon future maneuvers.

Opting for ready made companies in Romania secures a large range of business approaches and the fact that our team elaborately perfected this service provides another outstanding betterment for any initiative in this area. 

Another important aspect to be brought to your attention when dealing with ready made companies and the purchase process of these types of commercial instruments, relates to several tax characteristics, which may materialize in future consistent benefits, serving as essential instruments for immediate business actions. We can provide shelf companies in Romania, with VAT registration, simplifying a wide range of commercial processes and securing your commercial activity in a European milieu. Our Romanian shelf company offer includes this option concerning the VAT registration, since the initiation of certain types of economic activities require such procedures. Our lawyers are always available for further questions and any difficulty can be clarified for securing your financial transactions.

Our experts created a comprehensive offer of already established companies in Romania, understood as competitive devices ready to perform in a challenging environment. We have a wide range of company names which have been pre-registered; you may select the one that you want so that you can get your business up and running rapidly and effectively.

Having bought and already established company can also buy you credibility with customers and potential clients as well as corporate foundation.

The age of the company can be an important factor considered by future clients or other economic operators you may choose to make business with.

Buying an established company doesn’t mean you can’t change anything about it. You can change the name, the object of activity, the headquarters or any other detail that might suit the type of operations you want to make.

Our lawyers in Bucharest are also available for any circumstantial details. .

Our business team can provide further information related to ready made companies in Romania delivering also any possible alternative that could make a better argument for your business strategy. For a free case consultation, please call us now!

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