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Updated on Tuesday 19th November 2019


Vlad-Cuc- director-of-Bridgewest.jpgBridgewest has had a long and successful collaboration with Romanian Law Office. A team of versed lawyers, they specialized in areas such corporate and commercial, real estate, intellectual property and many others. They offer complete services to local and foreign clients and are able to assist in out-of-court and in-court proceedings.

Vlad Cuc, Director of Bridgewest


Michał-Gawlak-lawyer.jpgComplete legal services offered by a team of experts. They answer questions regarding investments in Romania, corporate and commercial issues and they can also handle a number of other cases.

Michał Gawlak -  attorney-at-law at CGO Legal Counseling


Francesco-Dagnino-lawyer.jpgThey advise clients in a number of key areas that are important for investors and business owners. They have a bilingual team who treats clients with attention.

Francesco Dagnino, lawyer and founding partner of LEXIA Avvocati




Paul-Gheorghiu-company formation agent.jpgTheir areas of expertise includes many sub-sectors, such as litigation, commercial, intellectual property, tax law or employment law. They are a full-services law firm that offers complete solutions to complex or simple legal issues.

Paul Gheorghiu, company formation agent at Sig Fiduciaire



Valeri-Bendianishvili-lawyer.jpgThe team has a string focus in a number if important areas, such as commercial and corporate or real estate and intellectual property. Nonetheless, they offer a host of services that are suited to all types of investors.

Valeri Bendianishvili, lawyer and managing partner at Business Setup Georgia LLC


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