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Why Invest In The Industrial Parks in Romania

Updated on Thursday 10th August 2017

Industrial parks – the place to be if you want a large-scale investment

Companies planning a large-scale investment in the Romanian industry might be interested in the alternative represented by industrial parks.

Industrial parks are well-delimited zones dedicated to industrial activities and scientific research, services related to industry, as well as offices and warehouses.

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They are usually located in the vicinity of localities, outside residential areas, but well-connected to utilities and the road network.

Industrial parks are set up through the association between

·         several commercial companies and

·         the pertinent local public authority.

Investors who choose to locate their factories or warehouses in these parks enjoy a number of incentives:

- exemption from the tax on buildings;

- exemption from the tax on land (in case they wish to purchase land);

- additional incentives granted to direct investment that will have a significant influence on the economy:

1.    the possibility to resort, to accelerate allowance for depreciation of assets,

2.    deferred payment of financial losses from the taxable profit over the next 5 years,

3.    tax-exemption of the reinvested profit;

- all land plots available within an industrial park have urbanism and environment certificates, topographical and geological studies, which can be made available to investors;

- a complete infrastructure support suitable for industrial operations (access roads, running water, sewer, electricity, natural gas, communications, lighting, heating);

Due to the fact that local authorities are also included in the administrative structures of such parks, the process of obtaining various licenses and of extending the existing permits is facilitated.

The industrial park management company assists investors in their relations with local and fiscal authorities and in obtaining state aid if such aid is possible under local and European laws.

The industrial park management company supports investors in obtaining non-refundable financing for subsequent development;

The industrial park management company also provides various services that contribute to the good operation of investor companies, such as:

·         hiring and training employees,

·         accounting,

·         banking,

·         consulting,

·         relations with customs authorities,

·         guarding and cleaning the premises,

·         booking/ticketing etc.


Several state aid schemes for investors in industrial parks are in effect currently:

- Government Decision 1680/2008 regarding the implementation of a state aid scheme for ensuring sustainable economic growth, with subsequent modifications;

- Government Decision 753/2008 regarding the implementation of a state aid scheme regarding regional development by means of investment stimulation, with subsequent modifications.

Here is the link to a list of all industrial parks in Romania, as of April 2017: http://data.gov.ro/dataset/situatia-parcurilor-industriale


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