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We provide legal support on various issues ranging from commercial litigations to white-collar crime cases.


We offer professional legal assistance to clients interested in setting up any type of company in Romania.


Our lawyers deliver efficient legal approaches for an impressive range of debt collection cases.


We assist international clients in highly profitable real estate transactions constantly delivering first class strategies.


We provide quality legal advice to international clients who intent to obtain a Romanian passport or a residence permit.


Attorneys in our criminal law department develop outstanding strategies to protect our clients’ rights and interests.

Darie, Manea & Associates Lawyers in Bucharest

How can we help you?

Darie, Manea & Associates is a Romanian law firm that can provide assistance and juridical representation in multiple domains, sustaining complex strategies in solving the cases.

Our lawyers handle with professionalism their relationships with our clients, indicating optimal solutions for efficiently solving all aspects of legal nature that we approach.

We are entitled to identify the favorable alternatives in matters of

  • Commercial law,
  • Civil law,
  • Criminal law,
  • Family law,
  • Immigratin and citizenship matters
  • Debt recovery
  • Real estate
  • Debt recovery,
  • Litigation,
  • Inheritance,
  • Green energy law
  • Gambling law
  • Restitution of properties taken by the comunist regime etc.

Best Lawyers in Bucharest

Our essential principles are related to maintaining a high professional standard guaranteed by continues preoccupation of the team of lawyers for acknowledging and understanding of the legal new changes, great attention to details that intervene in international and European plan, efficient analysis of each sphere and fructuous approach of collaboration between our departments with different specializations.

The law firm Darie, Manea and Associates provides a complex package of services that meets additional requests of our clients, interested in opening new companies, or secondary offices on Romanian territory.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Commercial law is a very vast domain that regulates commercial activity – production and circulation of merchandise.

This division of law is composed by the special juridical rules that are meant to regulate commercial relations and it is seen as an autonomic branch or a part of the civil law (taking into consideration the duality of the private law in the specific law system).

Commercial law is also known under different names: economic law, the law of enterprises and business law.

We are a law firm that offers juridical consultation and representation in matters of corporate and commercial law:

  • opening/dissolution of companies,
  • commercial transactions,
  • payment summons,
  • debt recovery,

Darie, Manea and Associates offers you a complex package of services, that will allow you to open in the shortest time a new commercial company, with multiple activites.

We are able to advise in various issues connected to complex corporate procedures, drafting agreements, negotiating mechanisms, official documents etc.

For details about the company formation services provided by our law firm, we invite you to watch our video:

As an experienced Romanian law firm, we are pertinaciously advocating for our customers’ interests taking into account all European stipulations, international treaties or foreign judicial background that might interfere.

Our Romanian lawyers at Darie, Manea & Associates provide as well a comprehensive strategy, for choosing the best option when deciding to extend your business in our country.

Our team will also emphasize the importance of acquiring the necessary portfolio of business permits and licenses.

Every detail related to corporate and commercial law is strictly approached by all our trained attorneys, as we are fully aware of the importance of keeping solid accuracy when handling business instruments. 

Litigation Lawyers Romania

Romania Lawyers

Our attorneys at Darie, Manea & Associates are highly experienced in the practice of Litigation and Arbitration, dealing with contentious aspects in various domains.

Our team, consisting of professional Romanian lawyers in Romania, develops creative litigation strategies always managing to find best solutions for our clients.

Litigations are misunderstandings or conflicts that occur between two or more individuals or juridical persons regarding the rights and obligations of juridical relations.

Our lawyers have a vast experience in litigations area and arbitrary field, managing a wide range of litigations in each domain of the practice.

Professionals from Darie, Manea and Associates have developed strategies to solve litigations based on the experienced they earned in time, looking to provide creative solutions and specialized support to our clients under the best circumstances.

Our team of lawyers is entitled to represent clients in front of any court, of any level from Bucharest, Romania and abroad.

The litigations range in which we have represented clients is very wide, including amongst others:

  • Commercial law
  • Real estate
  • Insolvency procedure
  • Labor law
  • Intellectual property

Our expert lawyers are able to represent a client in front of any legal Court in Bucharest, at any level of jurisdiction, within our country’s borders and abroad.

A Bucharest lawyer from our firm may come with a persuasive strategy adapted to local authorities and to specific requirements significantly important for the Romanian legal system. 


Debt Recovery
Debt recovery lawyers

Because of the economical Romanian climate, now, the debt recovery activity represents an important chapter of our daily activity.

We have lawyers that are specialized in recovering debts from individuals or companies, Romanian or foreigners.

Through the experience we have gathered, we were able to develop efficient debt recovery mechanisms.

We provide specialized juridical assistance such as:

  • notifications writing,
  • payment summoning procedure,
  • enforcement procedure etc.

There are several ways to recover debts on a juridical manner:

  • common law application,
  • payment orderly or
  • the procedure regarding low value applications.

Each one of them has advantages and disadvantages and must be carefully selected in order to win.

Our law firm will help you choose the best one for you, due to the fact that each case is unique and need a personalized solution.

If willing to request more details concerning specific cases in this area, you may contact one of our Bucharest's lawyers that can be found at our office. We are definitely engaged in providing legal services at fastest pace.


Best Lawyers in Bucharest Darie Manea

Our lawyers are specialized in writing juridical opinions in almost every domain:

  • Civil law: regarding properties return, buy-sell properties, juridical regime of community goods, successions, individual juridical regime – civil state documents, exequart procedure
  • Financial and fiscal: avoiding double taxation, VAT regime, taxing refine
  • Commercial law: opening a new commercial society, commercial enterprises juridical regime – types of enterprises, commercial juridical relations, public acquisitions.

We look forward to hearing from you as we are always here to help you. Our prospects become not only clients, but business partners who we really like to work with.

Contact us anytime for a free and friendly consultation.

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