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Green Energy Lawyers in Romania

For the past few years the interest in the green energy field, actually the energy field in general has decreased in Romania.

There is a series of facts that have lead to this decrease: the decrease of the petrol price, the constant decrease of the electric energy at a European level, the decrease of the natural gas prices at a global scale, but also the thin evolution of worldwide economy.

In addition, the fast growth and development of innovative technologies, the growth of energetic efficiency, the discovery and intense development of new sources of energy have also influenced the interest in the green energy field.

Even though this climate might seem much more difficult, our green energy lawyers have started to be called for this more often now than last year, so it looks that investors are turning their attention back to this area.

Our lawyers in Romania from Darie, Manea and Assosciates are rady to assist and represent you in from of Romanian entities for any complex national or international project regarding green energy sector.

Still, since 2013 the number of green energy projects has diminished considerably due to the 2016 period of expiration for the renewable projects that could benefit from the support scheme by CV and because of the low interest for new investors in the field.

Despite all of the above, since last year, the descendent trend of the field has been compensated by the incoming files for more complex and sophisticated green energy projects, such as those regarding reorganization in order to make them more profitable, or reducing the costs for conservation while postponing the projects till new support scheme will help them reactivate.

Moreover, in 2017, Romania could produce about 20,000 MW of green energy per day, including the outdated  machines that are used only from time to time.

Our lawyers in Romania are specialized in juridical assistance regarding the solving or clarification of certain regulations that have occurred during the clients activities. They are experienced in litigation from green energy sector, taking action into cancellation of control and sanction activities issued by ANRE and defending our clients against any anticompetitive practices.

In the last few years, the entire energetic industry in Romania, has passed through a lot of legislative changes that was meant to restructure the sector, so it would be capable to respond to the European Union standards regarding the development and consolidation of a modern energetic sector.

Also, the liberation of the energetic and natural gas markets and the progressive integration of the domestic market into the European Union internal market were also aimed by these changes.

The new law regulations are meant to support small electric energy producers into photovoltaic panels and the promotion of the biomass as an energetic resource. The government wants to implement a project in order to be able to give bonuses for the energetic energy produced by small companies.

Following, we would like to present to you other renewable energy industries in Romania, that offer a great return on investment for your business:


According to reports concerning development of green energy in Romania, the solar power department recorded an equally spectacular growth, from an installed capacity of 0.30MWp, in 2007, to an average of 5 MW, at the end of 2012.

Technically speaking, the Romanian territory reveals exceptional advantages in this area, as it provides a good solar potential attribute, with 210 sunny days per yearThe Black Sea coast, Dobrogea and Oltenia seem to be the most prominent regions proving significantly profitable for this domain.

In Romania, the production of solar/ PV energy is consistently encouraged through the green certificate scheme, which provides 6 GC for each MWh produced and injected into the grid. After the wind energy projects, the solar parks appear to be the second most assertive means of capitalizing the Romanian renewable energy resources.

If you are interested in this investment option, our Romanian lawyers can provide more details.


The wind energy have increased  with 18.7% at a gloabl scale, by the end of 2012 and Romania was one of the countries with over 1,000 MV installed. The demand growth is slow but the market is dynamic and increases. It is true that in Europe it increases slower than Canada, Brazil, Mexico or India, but this is the main reason for being a profitable investment at this moment for anyone, while it is still affordable.

Wind energy, along side solar energy, are the two most important green energy sources in Romania. In 2012, Romania and Polland beat all records on installing new wind energy capacities. That year, Romania was the European leader of the sector.

Exploring this investment option is interesting for many foreign entrepreneurs.The team of experts at our law firm in Romania offers specialized due diligence services for this field.

green meadow with Wind turbines generating electricity


Biomass represents one of the most important resources, when referring to the department of green energy in Romania and it stands for 88.33 TWh per year.

As compared to all departments related to green energy in Romania, this one is probably the less explored and it is generally limited to domestic use. Industrial exploitation restrains to only 5% of the entire used potential.

Firewood and the wood waste come from Carpathians and Sub-Carpathians regions and it reaches a level of 66% of the entire capacity; agricultural waste is provided by regions such as South Plain, West Plain and Moldova, which cover an average of 58% of the entire capacity.

With such a potential, this domain of Romanian renewable energy resources proves an impressively stable investment approach. In addition to this, the green certificate scheme reveals another great advantage of investing in this area, delivering a unique opportunity of exploring a highly lucrative sector, but also an interesting way of applying political ecology.

You can find our more about the laws and conditions to open a company from our attorneys in Romania.


The hydropower energy represents another alternative for investors. Romania is actually one of the regions with the greatest unexplored potential for this resource, together with Austria, Italy, Poland and France.

Main benefits of such an approach refer to the long lifespan of the project, to the maintenance costs which are generally low, and to the high efficiency of energy delivery. At this level, it was proved that only biomass can equal hydro energy when referring to efficiency attributes.

Question: How are Green Certificates obtained in Romania?

Answer: The basic algorithm which sustains investments in Romanian renewable energy field concerns the green certificate scheme. This system was actually adopted in 2004 and it functioned as a tool to encourage investments in this area.

Energy producers are able to receive a number of GC (green certificates), directly related to the amount of electricity provided from sources of green energy in Romania. The amounts of money, obtained by selling the GCs, are to be considered just as additional revenue for eligible renewable producers, on top of electricity sales on the market.

Each type of renewable energy is eligible for a different number of green certificates in Romania, according to Law No. 220/2008 (between 0.5 and 3 GC/ Mw for hydroelectric power, varying on the capacity of the plant; 2 GC/Mwh for wind power, until 31 December 2017, 1 GC/Mwh for wind power, starting with 1 January 2018; 6 GC/Mwh for solar power).

The green certificates scheme proved to be the most approachable in Europe and obviously the most bounteous. According to Law 220/2008 and Order 43/2011, concerning the green energy in Romania, the green certificates can be traded either on the centralized green certificates market, or on the green certificates bilateral contracts market. OPCOM monitors the activity of both trading platforms.

Our lawyers in Romania provide complete assistance for obtaining these certificates.

Question: Does your law firm offer technical due diligence for Romanian renewable energy projects?

Answer: Taking in account the overwhelming legal formalities that are imposed when choosing to invest in renewable energy projects, it becomes mandatory to ask for an expert advice.

Our Romanian lawyers can provide all legal details connected to this topic and also perform the technical due diligence audit for these types of projects. We can evaluate the legal and socio-environmental risks before you start your business, also identifying technical uncertainties that might compromise the project.

Our professional lawyers can offer the guarantee of the technical feasibility of the investment, ensuring that all requirements involved in the development process were precisely fulfilled.

Darie & Manea law firm in Romania is able to accurately assess any project in this department carefully analyzing each particular characteristic always suggesting approachable alternatives and guaranteeing a safe investment. For a free case consultation, please call us now.