61 Unirii Boulevard, Bl. F3, Entrance 4, 2nd floor, Apt. 208, District 3, 030828, Bucharest

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Updated on Tuesday 17th December 2019

You may reach us using the following details. A Romanian lawyer in our team will always be here to answer your questions as fast as possible. Anyone can request a Bucharest attorney to represent in various cases. For further information please use the email address listed below or our phone numbers.

Email: mail.JPG

                (+40) 724.755.705 - Immigration matters and citizenship
                (+40) 722.328.125 - For Russian clients

Address: 61 Unirii Boulevard, Bl. F3, Entrance 4, 2nd floor, Apt. 208, District 3, zip code 030828, Bucharest, Romania.


Our partners in Tel Aviv, Israel

Simon, Aisr, Porat & Co. Law Firm - Tel Aviv, Israel

Phone: +972 (3) 561-6671

Address: PO Box 51164, Tel Aviv, 67138 

Our partners in Cleveland, USA

Svetlana Schreiber & Associates - Cleveland, USA 

Phone: (+1) 216-621-7292; toll-free: (+1) 866-553-4643

Address: 1370 Ontario St, Suite 1620 Standard Bldg.

Cleveland, Ohio, 44113


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